What is emergepay?

Emergepay is ChargeItPro’s latest payment processing solution built to be fast, scalable, and easy to integrate with. It features a web api that is OS and platform agnostic, which makes it capable of being run on almost anything that can access the internet. With three different interface options, emergepay gives you flexibility over the look and feel of your integration. Emergepay was also built to keep you out of PCI scope by handling all sensitive data in the transaction process.

Who is a good match for emergepay?

  • E-commerce businesses
  • Card present retail businesses

Who is NOT a good match for emergepay?

  • Restaurants

What makes emergepay great?

  • Hosted UI library
  • OS and platform agnostic
  • No software to install
  • 3 implementation methods:
    • Modal
    • URL Page
    • Form Fields
  • When implemented, your software will stay out of scope for PCI-PADSS